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About Us

Altherm Ltd. is the manufacturer and distributor of straw bale, biomass and co-fired boilers in the Southern Plain Region of Hungary.

Dan-Farm Ltd. Hungary, owned by Danish pig breeders is present in our country since 2002, its main activities are breeding and selling of pigs. The owners have used energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies in production for decades.
Altherm Ltd. was founded in Hódmezővásárhely in 2009 by the attendance of the representative of the Danish owners of Dan-Farm Ltd. Hungary as a joint venture in order to produce and distribute heaters which use alternative energy sources.
Morten Knudsgaard and József Sarusi-Kiss, joint managing directors aim at manufacturing and sale of large (200-800 kW) straw-fired boilers which is developed by a traditional Danish straw bale boiler factory nearly two decades ago and Altherm Ltd. is licensed to produce them. The boilers suit the Hungarian and EU environmental standards.

The devices are suitable for heating agricultural facilities, industrial facilities, financial facilities, schools and kindergartens.

Besides straw, corn bales and canola bales are also suitable for firing. With a certain adjustment the boiler can supply dryer plants with economical energy. There are plans to achieve optimum firing technology for firing with dung as well.
The high-performance boilers typical buyers are pig and poultry establishments, livestock farms, greenhouses, nurseries, large company centers and it can also be used for heating of small town community buildings as well.
The installation does not require a boiler room, the connection is fast and simple and the boiler modulation is fully automatic, an average farm does not need surplus staff for operation of the boiler. The only challenge is the proper storage of straw, for which we can offer a special air ventilating but water-proof film. The two high-performance straw boilers near Orosháza which were installed one and a half years ago save 20-25 m Forints from gas bills and the return rate is 1-2 years including straw storage and handling costs (this can be reduced by half with the support of available proposals.
The company sales smaller boilers (44-90 kW) firing with small square bales or mixed fuels (straw and wood), and smaller boilers (9-150 kW) firing with biomass fuels (crop, pellets, chips). These products offer a wallet-friendly, flexible and safe heating solution either for family homes, small offices or factories. The robust construction of multi-fired boilers ensures the burning of small bales, but also allows the combustion of garbage, paper, wood and wood waste.
The biomass-fired boilers are small, they can adapt to the self-generated or readily available fuels. Both imported boilers are simply and rapidly installed and fully automatic. Our staff offer optimized solutions adapted to site conditions and display Hungarian references. Besides grant applications we help our customers with additional financing instruments (leases, rent).
The company has 24 months warranty for any product, which is here on the site and is available in Hungary.

Sarusi-Kiss József
Managing director
Altherm Kft

Reference film - Operation of high performance straw bale boiler