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Economical heating? Cost savings? How? Biomass boilers!

Straw bale boilers - cube and round bales with separate outdoor placement

Nagyteljesítményű szalmabálás kazánok
  • Significant cost savings - in the case of gas, up to 50% cheaper heating option
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • High efficiency
  • Automated operation
  • PLC-controlled combustion process
  • Low CO emissions




Altherm Family products Straw bail boilers 30-50 kW performance

Altherm Family szalmabálás kazánok
  • Low operating costs, short payback
  • Many types of fuel can be burned in it
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Long lifetime
  • Excellent efficiency


Altherm Family products Co-fired biomass boilers

  • Low price!
  • High efficiency
  • Water is circulating in the boiler door and in the fire grid so the exploitation of heat is maximal during combustion
  • The fire chamber can be opened totally, so you do not need to cut the fuel into small pieces
  • Easy to use and robust boiler
  • Smooth operation
  • 1 year guarantee, long lifetime


Other equipments

Other equipments.