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Altherm Family products
Co-fired biomass boilers

Co-fired biomass boilers can be used with hot water heating systems installed with open expansion tank. It is excellent for heating family homes and farms.
The boiler is suitable for burning coal, firewood, stumps, cane, pellets, etc. Wet wood can also be fired in it.
  Advantages of Co-fired biomass boilers:
  • Low price!
  • High efficiency
  • Electrical energy is not necessary for proper functioning of the boiler
  • Water is circulating in the boiler door and in the fire grid so the exploitation of heat is maximal during combustion
  • The fire chamber can be opened totally, so you do not need to cut the fuel into small pieces
  • Easy to use and robust boiler
  • Smooth operation
  • 1 year guarantee, long lifetime
Co-fired biomass boilers technical data
Max. peformance
50 kW
External size (widht.depth.hight.) mm 500 600 1 150 500 750 1 150
Burning chamber (widht.depht.hight.) mm 400 500
400 650
Chimney diameter mm
150 mm
160 mm
Weight: kg
224 kg
252 kg
Accessories circular dial thermometer, draft regulator
Can be ordered chimney, home delivery, installation