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Altherm C-Type multi-purpose fuelling boilers
Boilerfamily 30–125 kW 

The boilers with multi-purpose fuels are available for the fuelling of chips, pellet, briquette, various kinds of firewood, wood residues, cutting of wood, agricultural by-products (refuse grain, wastage from crop-dryers, crops, etc.).

Due to their economic and convenient operation this system is suitable for heating family houses, institutions, and different types of economic buildings (automatic control system, low maintenance demand, simple de-ashing, with thermometer and thermostat draught regulator included).
The burner – which can be fit to the boiler – makes the system available to burn the different kinds of agricultural byproducts, woodchips, or pellets (even 8-10 cm), the daily container provides a high level of comfort.
Due to its compact structure and complete design it can easily be fit to the existing heating system. 
Accessories: ash tray, fire grate, scraper-cleaner.

Pellet and wood chips fuelling boilers                                                           Technical data
Type C1 Type C2 Type C4 Type C6 Type C8 Type
Output 30–50 kW 50–70 kW 70–100 kW 100–115 kW 115–125 kW
External sizes (width, height, depth) 590×670×1345 mm 640×795×1485 mm 692×947×1726 mm 822×1107×1846 mm 855×1380×2020 mm
Suggested fuel size max. 650 mm max. 775 mm max. 927 mm max. 1087 mm max. 1360 mm
Smoke pipe diameter Ř 150 mm Ř 150 mm Ř 180 mm Ř 250 mm Ř 250 mm
Weight 370 kg 503 kg 789 kg 1040 kg 1340 kg
Water connection 5/4” 6/4” 6/4” 2” 3”
Accessories Ash-tray, fire-grate, scraper-cleaner, door available for wood log, or woodchips
Optional:  chimney, home delivery, installation

Advantages of ALTHERM C-Type multi-purpose fuelling boilers:
long lifetime
(combustion chamber plate width: 5 mm)
user friendly
(large combustion chamber, large combustion chamber’s door)
high efficiency
complete design (thermostat, draught regulator)
due to the construction the boiler is available
for fuelling log – and round log
maximum heat recovery related to the water circulated in the
boiler’s body and in the cassettes
overheat protection
(built-in safety water hydrospace)
Altherm C-Type Product family
chips burner 30-125 kW 

Due to the auger-feeding system of the burner it can be fed with several size and type of fuels, from the wood pellet, through the minced herbaceous plants until the rough wood-chips. Due to the boiler’s construction it is available to burn log and round log. Due to the connected large daily container, the boiler does not require constant supervision (optional sizing). The burner can easily be put into the aperture, then the fan insures the combustion’s air demand after ignition, based on data of the built-in pipe-thermostat. The mechanical sensor situated in the burner directs the movement of the auger, thus the refill of the fuel, too. In case of the daily container’s exhaustion the dosing stops, an optional GSM-module, or a sounder device warns to the exhaust of the fuel.
This system is especially suitable for heating family houses with hot water system and production halls.

MAXIMUM OUTPUT 30–50 kW 50–70 kW 70–100 kW 100–115 kW 115–125 kW
External sizes (width, height, depth) 0,6×1,4×1 m 1×2,1×1,2 m 1×2,2×1,2 m 1×2,3×1,2 m 1×3×1,2 m
Weight 80 kg 250 kg 260 kg 265 kg 290 kg
Auger gear engine 370 W - 1 fázis 2,2 kW - 3 fázis 2,2 kW - 3 fázis 2,2 kW - 3 fázis 3 kW - 3 fázis
Fan 59 W 59 W 98 W 120 W 120 W
Auger diameter 92 mm 92 mm 92 mm 92 mm 92 mm
Container plate’s width 2 mm 4 mm 4 mm 2 mm 2 mm
Accessories back fire extinguisher (10L), pipe thermostat
Optional: GSM module, weight-, smoke-, temperature sensor, sounder device

Advantages of ALTHERM burners:
  • available for the burning of various types and sizes of woodchips, or pellet (even 8-10 cm)
  • agricultural byproducts (wood residues, wastage from crop-dryers)
  • auger feeding system
  • low operating costs, short return of investment time
  • low maintenance demand
  • excellent efficiency
  • excellent quality-price ratio
  • user friendly
  • daily, weekly, monthly fuel supply based on the container’s size to be fit
  • long lifetime
  • reliable operation