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A sunny day for the team of Altherm and Altenconsult Ltd in Derekegyháza
successful exhibition
Dear Visitors,
Thank you for visiting us at the XXVI. Animal Breeding and Agricultural Exhibition!
We are very pleased with the interest shown on our products.
We hope you got all the answers to your questions from our colleagues.
We believe that our exhibited equipments have attracted your interest and we can welcome you soon among our partners!
strawbale heating centers, thermo fans, chipwood burners, hot air blower, bale cover,

daikin heatpumps, inverter technology, hogslat, thermo fans, wilo pumps

sow farming, animal breeding

Pokreće se program od 50 milijardi forinti za ekonomski razvoju u Vojvodini

Co-operation with SZTE-MGK

Co-operation with SZTE-MGK 

This spring Altherm Ltd. and SZTE-MGK, the Agricultural Faculty of the University of Szeged, has made a Cooperation Agreement. The aim of this Agreement is to improve the quality level of the agricultural education, to accomplish the development of new talent, and to insure the background of the practice-orientated education.

With the participation of Altherm Ltd., the leading of University of Politechnics (Timisoara), and the contribution of University of Szeged, and within the research project called „Regional and Euro-regional Partnership for the Transition to the Labour Market through Career Counselling and Interships at Potential Emplyers - PRACTICOR® EUROREGIO” lasting for 2 years and announced by the EU in Romania, students from Timisoara visited the Agricultural Faculty of Univesirty of Szeged (19. May, 21. May, 27. May).

Mr Joseph Sarusi-Kiss represented our Group,  and he has built up his presentations in accordance with the students’ area of expertise in order to introduce biomass heating systems and agricultural building systems with complete breeding technology from the theoritical and technical sides also.

Krediti za energetsku efikasnost
Krediti za energetsku efikasnost
Zajednički poziv za tender sa strane pet komercialnih banaka i Pokrajinskog Garancijskog Fonda
30. april, 2015. , 14:37

Goran Vasić, direktor Pokrajinskog Garancijskog Fonda je potpisao garantni ugovor sa pet komercialnih banaka o otvaranju kredita za obnovljive izvore energije. Banka AIK AD Niš, Banca Intesa, Komercijalna banka AD Beograd, Credit Agricole Srbija i ProCredit Banka su doprineli tenderu koji podržava ekološku potrošnju energije.Maksimalni kredit po glavi iznosi 250 hiljada evra.
– Zahvaljujući Pokrajinskom Garancijskom fondu, ovih pet komercijalnih banaka pružaju kredit od 200 miliona dinara za tendere za razvoj energetske efikasnosti. Za kredit mogu se prijaviti poljoprivrednici i preduzetnici iz Vojvodine  koji se uglavnom bave sa proizvodnjom biomase ili sa proizvodnjom drugih obnovljivih izvoria energije. Radi se o povoljnom kreditu na 7 godina sa maximum od 5,95 odsto kamate - objasnio je Vasić detalje tendera.  
Végre megjelennek azok a pályázatok, amelyek forrást jelenthetnek akár az általunk forgalmazott termékek beszerzéséhez is:
Horticulture has been expanding a lot

Horticulture has been expanding a lot

The horticultural field made the 16 % of the domestic agricultural production last year, and it made the 27% within the crop production – said the State secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture (FM) at Agrya conference. Zsolt Feldman said, that last year the Hungarian horticultural sector’s output was 366 milliard HUF, which means a 27% growth in comparison with that of 2010. Last year the total agricultural output reached the level of 2.313 milliard HUF. Last year the 4,7% of the domestic lands was used for horticultural aims.

Renting possibility of Excavator-machine

Renting possibility of Excavator-machine 

We are pleased to inform our new and existing partners, that the services of Alternconsult Ltd. – member of our company group - has been extended by the renting possibility of the excavator-machine with trenching and pit drilling functions.
Details and renting conditions can be found at: services/excavator machine renting

Fuel types, straw bale fuelling
Fuel types
  1. Biomass - straw
    • Energetic aid consumption of straw
    • Straw handling
    • Straw baling
    • Straw storing, moving
    • Market of the straw, its cost price
  2. Biomass - pellet
  3. Wood fuelling
Straw fuelling technologies
 - Application opportunities of straw and biomass boilers
 - Periodically fuelling straw bale boilers
 - Automatic straw bale fuelling boilers
 - Combustion regulation - one of the most important part of efficiency
 - Smokegas cleaning
 - Chimney

Suggestion for installation
The straw fuelling gained back its price within one season

The heating period has ended on paper on the 15th of April. Though, in practice, we are fuelling further. The spring is colder in these days, like it should be. We saved money on heating as we could. There were some people who returned back to the traditional fuelling from the gas. The wood-tourism has been started.

The small and medium sized companies do not pay attention to the decrease of energy costs
The small and medium sized companies and institutes spend close to 800 milliard HUF on energy and gas, but only a few of them pay enough attention to the questions arising related to the energy costs.
Biomass is the one of the renewable energy resources in Hungary which has the greatest potential. Today the biomass is competitive even compared to the fossil energy carrier materials, it is more favorable in terms of environmental protection views. What’s more, it could give tasks for fields which are closed out from the agricultural production.